Pricing / Membership Dues

If the school seems like a good fit after observing a kung fu class or a tai chi class, contact us to submit a formal application. Please note, for both the kung fu and tai chi programs, our school requires students commit to a minimum of attending classes twice a week (calculated quarterly), preferably more often. We feel this is the absolute minimum to make consistent progress and growth in any practice. Students are expected to practice on their own in between classes. Private lessons may be available for sincere students wanting to learn and train that can’t make it to our regularly scheduled group classes due to other commitments. Private students should plan to schedule lessons weekly or every two weeks.

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Group Class Options Dues
KUNG FU – 3 Months (1 Quarter) $480
TAI CHI – 3 Months (1 Quarter) $480

The Boulder Kung Fu Academy offers need-based partial scholarships for group classes based on attendance requirements (minimum 3 times a week). Read our Partial Scholarship Guidelines & Application page for more information or to apply.

Private Lesson Options Dues
12 x 1 hour sessions $2,700 $225
6 x 1 hour sessions $1,425 $237.50
1 x 1 hour session $250 $250