Founded in 2007, the Boulder Kung Fu Academy offers instruction in Northern Shaolin Seven-Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Wu Style Tai Chi and Qigong. We teach martial arts for self-defense, health and character development. 

Our mission is to cultivate a love and appreciation for traditional Chinese martial and healing arts – and create a sanctuary space for those wishing to nurture and develop their minds, bodies and spirit through these ancient practices.

The programs we offer at the Boulder Kung Fu Academy seek to develop the total person. They are a way of life, a method of striving for and attaining the highest physical and mental development possible. Through training, our students develop greater self-awareness, focus, discipline, resiliency and self-confidence.

Committing to a practice like Kung Fu, Tai Chi or Qigong helps us become more aware of our inner obstacles and find ways to release them – so that we can experience greater joy and inner peace in life by allowing us to better manage stress, anxiety and self-limiting beliefs. Our aim is to develop physically, mentally and spiritually well-rounded martial artists.

The students at our school come from diverse backgrounds, ages and skills. It is through the shared experience of our training that friendship, mutual respect and aligned community is fostered. Anyone who is willing to practice diligently and has a sincere interest in learning will succeed in our programs.

Please check out our FAQ to learn more about what you can expect at Boulder Kung Fu Academy!


SIFU MICHAEL LEE WANG has been training in Northern Shaolin Seven-Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Wu Style Tai Chi and Qigong under his Sifu, Yamel Torres, for over 25 years.
He was intrigued and fascinated by martial arts from an early age and recalls that his paternal grandfather would even attempt to teach him portions of a tai chi chuan straight sword form whenever he came to visit the United States.
In 2007, Sifu Wang opened up the Boulder Kung Fu Academy in the Steelyards neighborhood of Boulder, Colorado after receiving permission from his Sifu to teach and propagate the art as it was passed down to him by his teacher, Master Raymond Ly (Ming Loy).


“I can safely say Boulder Kung Fu Academy changed my life. I began training because I did not know how to channel my anger and frustration, suffered from depression and anxiety, and needed a physical outlet to move my body.”Read more

Jewl P.

“Sifu Michael Wang and his students are very kind and compassionate. They welcomed me into their school with open arms and have helped me improve my physical and mental wellbeing by sharing their gongfu with me.Read more

Cary F.

“Deciding to learn Kung Fu was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was lucky to find a great school like Boulder Kung Fu Academy…Read more

Jon T.

“I spent the better part of 3 years of my life studying with Sifu Michael Wang. The kung fu he teaches is very authentic and real.” Read more

Seth D.

“I studied under Sifu Michael Wang for a couple of years and it was a very positive experience. He is a very thoughtful teacher with a lot of experience. It’s a very intense training where you will find your limits and push through them.Read more

Craig F.

“I searched in and around Denver to find a good Kung Fu School, and I have to say this is by far the best.” Read more

Jeremy W.