“I can safely say Boulder Kung Fu Academy changed my life. I began training because I did not know how to channel my anger and frustration, suffered from depression and anxiety, and needed a physical outlet to move my body. Admittedly I also have always been a fan of those cheesy old kung fu movies. In the end, I did not know this would be a life-changing experience. I have moved through many physical challenges, joint issues, and etc through my 8 years of kung fu, qigong and tai chi training. I highly recommend Sifu Wang as a teacher. He is compassionate, knows how to meet his students where they are at, and is a great guide and motivator, seeming to know exactly where your limitations are and how to help you understand your own body, when to push and when to rest. As a side benefit, I am comfortable in a bikini. I am grateful to have an unexpected extended family of brothers and sisters who come from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences and yet we all are in this life and practice together. I am a calmer, more balanced and centered person and I attribute much of this to my martial arts practice at Boulder Kung Fu.”

-Jewl P.

“Sifu Michael Wang and his students are very kind and compassionate. They welcomed me into their school with open arms and have helped me improve my physical and mental wellbeing by sharing their gongfu with me. Training here is heavily aiding me in recovering from a spine injury and surgery, and I’ve experienced an unforeseen and pleasant side effect of increased mental tranquility and balance. I recommend the classes offered here to anyone and everyone looking to better themselves in any way. The martial arts instruction you will receive will be superb, and you will feel even more benefit if you practice outside of class.”

-Cary F.

“Deciding to learn Kung Fu was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was lucky to find a great school like Boulder Kung Fu Academy where the instructor, Sifu Wang, was able to take someone in their late 20’s with no previous martial arts experience, out of shape, and basically no flexibility and create the foundations of a warrior. I lost weight, gained flexibility, became stronger, and was more aware of myself and my surroundings after just a few months of training. I also learned a lot about my body, its limits, and things I can do to help keep myself strong and healthy. Sifu Wang’s traditional style of Kung Fu teachings is a rare thing to have access to, and I would recommend this to anyone who is up to the challenge. It is not easy in the slightest, but the rewards are great, and it’s a way to better yourself as a person.”

-Jon T.

“I spent the better part of 3 years of my life studying with Sifu Michael Wang. The kung fu he teaches is very authentic and real. If you are looking for Chinese kung fu look to the Boulder Kung Fu Academy. If it is truly Chinese kung fu you want to learn you will not be disappointed. The Wu style Tai Ji he teaches is very authentic as well.”

-Seth D.

“I studied under Sifu Michael Wang for a couple of years and it was a very positive experience. He is a very thoughtful teacher with a lot of experience. It’s a very intense training where you will find your limits and push through them. The students that I studied with were very dedicated as well. If you’re looking for seven star mantis in the Denver area you won’t find a better place to learn and train than here.”

-Craig F.

“I searched in and around Denver to find a good Kung Fu School, and I have to say this is by far the best. I found that the other schools were very focused on profit (aka…buy our unique clothes/shoes which are very high compared to what you find online and lots of pressure to sign a one year contract), didn’t have a safe/decent training facility, or weren’t really Kung Fu schools. The Sifu at this school charges month-to-month and charges significantly less than other programs. Don’t believe me? Check the numbers here and other places. He is also interested in teaching the art and philosophies of Kung Fu. Not teaching you how to beat people up. I actually had a school tell me I would be able to pummel people in a couple months. This isn’t what Kung Fu is about. I studied here for a year before being relocated to another state and I have to say it is one of the things I miss most about Colorado.”

-Jeremy W.


Current Students

 Jewl Petteway

Past Students

 Yannick Polius
 Erick Winston
 Jonathan Damron
 Michelle Bourgeois
 Joshua Seth Drake