Tai Chi Chuan

Our Tai Chi classes are now offered through awake BOULDER Yoga Studio. Please click here for more information.


In China and throughout the world, Tai Chi Chuan is a traditional Chinese internal martial art that has been practiced for hundreds of years to promote good health and for self-defense. It is founded upon the dualistic principal of Yin and Yang from Daoist philosophy.


The Boulder Kung Fu Academy offers instruction in Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. Students start with the "Long Form" (Gah Gee) to develop a strong foundation. The form is comprised of 108 movements practiced in a slow, relaxed manner. The mind becomes very calm, and qi and blood circulate freely to all parts of the body, making the internal organs, tendons, ligaments, and muscles strong. The unity of movement, breathing and concentration contributes greatly to physical and mental health.


Tai Chi Chuan relies on internal power. Many of the moves are soft and yielding, turning an opponent's power back against themselves. Contrary to its gentle appearance, Tai Chi Chuan at its advanced stages of training, becomes an effective martial art. As in all styles of kung fu, however, proficiency in self-defense requires dedication and consistent practice.